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NEWS Question 10 August 2012 + Tegoshi's WU drawing of Miyata Toshiya

1. Ice cream in a cone? A cup?
Koyama: Cup.
Massu: Hmm~ on a stick!
Shige: (I don’t eat them often, but if I had to say one) A cone I guess.
Tegoshi: Cone!

2. What do you think of “glittery things”?
Koyama: My heart!
Massu: Tegoshi’s belongings.
Shige: Mirror ball.
Tegoshi: Umm~ umm~ people who flirt in town.

3. When you were a student, what items did you often borrow and lend with your friends?
Koyama: Neck tie.
Massu: A.B.C-Z’s Kawai has still not returned the movie video I lent to him.
Shige: Games.
Tegoshi: Shoes.

4. What point about yourself do you think is “so wild”?
Koyama: (Wild?) Getting out of my futon and straight to work!
Massu: My way of life?
Shige: I don’t really look at the price of things (lol).
Tegoshi: I don’t give small things another thought.

5. Favourite vegetable?
Koyama: Cucumber.
Massu: Root vegetables.
Shige: Lettuce.
Tegoshi: Spring rolls (the vegetables in that).

6. What NEWS song do you hum a lot to?
Koyama: Sakura Girl.
Massu: Ichioku sanzenmanbun no futari no kiseki.
Shige: Smile Maker.
Tegoshi: Sakura Girl.

7. Do you have a favourite smell?
Koyama: Something sweet.
Massu: Fabric softener.
Shige: Gasoline stand.
Tegoshi: A swee~t fragrance.

8. Your girlfriend took a big fall in the street! What do you say to her?
Koyama: Huh!! Are you okay?
Massu: That was wild~
Shige: You’re so clumsy. Are you okay?
Tegoshi: Ouch ouch ouch~

9. What wish would you write on a tanzaku (for Tanabata)*?
Koyama: I hope that NEWS’ love reaches everyone!
Massu: I hope that everyone has smiles.
Shige: I hope that everyone becomes happy.
Tegoshi: I hope that we can do lots of concerts♪

10. Please draw Orihime and Hikoboshi.
Koyama: Massu:
Shige:Tegoshi: (We finally met ♥♥♥)

Tegoshi drew Miyata Toshiya from Kis-My-Ft2 this time!

Tegoshi: I decided to draw him in a suit to look cool. It’s because it’s “Kis-My-Ft2”, I decided to name it “lips foot” (lol). The result is, hmm~…75 points! The nose is a bit too big (lol). It’s not that big. I regret that part a little bit. I didn’t go for the realistic look this time, but rather I drew it more anime style.
Miyata: I’m happy that you properly drew my charm point, the nose, for me (lol). Honestly, when I was first shown this drawing I was a little surprised. The truth that this is me in a drawing. My eyebrows aren’t that stiff! To my scale, I give this 20 points (lol). Also, I did try to ask about this “lips foot” Kisumai thing, but it’s hard to understand (lol).


*Tanabata is the Japanese Star Festival. It is said that only on the night of Tanabata that the two lovers, Orihime and Hikoboshi, can meet as the Milky Way separates them. People often write wishes on tanzaku (strips of paper) and hang them on bamboo in hope that they will come true. Refer to Tegomasu's Tanabata Matsuri as well XD

♪ I like the answers for gliterry things, and I agree with them all! Well maybe not so much Tegoshi's but I get where he's coming from XD
♪ omg Kawai, GIVE MASSU BACK HIS VIDEO. If you still have it LOL
♪ They're all so wild and hardcore? hehe :D
♪ Shige, gasoline? Really? XD
♪ Massu, why are Hikoboshi and Orihime personified pigs? oh my~\
♪ imo, Tegoshi got the nose spot on in his drawing of Miyata XD

I hope you all enjoyed that! And I've changed my layout! It's been a while. I'll tweak it a bit more and add a header image tomorrow but I'm lazy tonight. Enjoy!
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