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NEWS Question 10 March 2012 + Tegoshi's WU drawing of Hina


1. Which do you like, dots or stripes (on clothing)?
Koyama: Stripes.
Massu: Dots.
Shige: Dots.
Tegoshi: Ha! Both are okay! I don’t wear either.

2. Do you use a schedule book?
Koyama: I don’t.
Massu: On my phone.
Shige: I do. On my phone.
Tegoshi: I use the one on my phone!

3.How many pairs of glasses used for fashion do you have?
Koyama: 3 pairs.
Massu: About 10 pairs maybe. Maybe not 10, but 5.
Shige: I think I have 5 pairs? Or maybe it was 4. 4.5 pairs.
Tegoshi: …5 pairs.

4. What cosplay do you want to try out?
Koyama: A cat costume.*
Massu: Nothing.
Shige: A detective.
Tegoshi: I want to try the same cosplays as other female idols (I’ve done quite a few now…).

5. NEWS are going to open a café! What café is it?
Koyama: A healing café. You’ll be very much soothed (Without caring that 4 people are there).
Massu: A café where the interior is stylish.
Shige: Jazz café.
Tegoshi: A café devoted to you. Kind of like a butler café.

6. Do you like omurice with ketchup or demi-glace?**
Koyama: Ketchup.
Massu: Demi-glace.
Shige: Demi-glace.
Tegoshi: Demi-glace…(he’s troubled for a moment) Ah! Demi-glace.

7. Which junior have you recently been interested in?
Koyama: Yabu. He got into university, I want him to do well.
Massu: Sexy Zone.
Shige: Marius!
Tegoshi: Nakayama Yuma-kun. I think his face will become really handsome in the future.

8. Please confess to something to the members.
Koyama: I’ll be 28 years old in May, I’ll be waiting for something.
Massu: I love you.
Shige: My book is getting released!!
Tegoshi: (Confession? Hmm confession?) I’ve been up for about 12 hours today.

9. A word to girls who will be confessing on Valentine’s!
Koyama: Think of it as a chance and good luck.
Massu: Just say it. Give me one too (that feeling is wonderful…).
Shige: You can do it, I believe in you.
Tegoshi: You can do it!

10.Please draw a camel.
Koyama: Massu:
Shige: Tegoshi: (2012, Camel ♥)

TeGO drawing segment. He drew Murakami from Kanjani8~


Tegoshi: This time too…I’ve drawn it really well. The body line? Eh? It’s normal, right? That’s the collar. I was drawing this way too smoothly, I even drew in a soccer ball.
Murakami: Why did you have to go and do this? Well, this still can’t rival Yoko’s or my drawings. 80 points….exactly how does my body look like to you?
* By cat costume he means this, not like a la Heavy Rotation cats XD
** Demi-glace is a type of brown sauce.

♪ So many fashion glasses lol~
♪ I'm expecting these cosplays in the next NEWS concert...and someone should convince Massu to cosplay XD
♪ A NEWS butler cafe..... ♥_♥ *throws money at screen*
♪ The drawings I just...omg, Koyama's is cute, idk where Massu went with his drawing, Shige's looks posh and Tego....no damn idea XD

I think Wink Up came with fan letters to the NEWS members too, I'll translate those tomorrow.
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