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[Lyrics] Kato Shigeaki - Vampire wa Kaku Katariki

"Vampire wa Kaku Katariki" is Shige's solo song off the "E" limited edition of NEWS' 14th single "Chankapana". It is written by him  and my goodness, it was extremely hard to translate (SHIGE!! QAQ), so this is definitely not 100% correct and I do apologise for that. It seems like the title of the song is similar to a philosophical novel named "Thus Spoke Zarathustra". Some background information for you all to see if it makes anymore sense and these are purely my own thoughts, Nobel apparently refers to Alfred Nobel, the man behind the creation of dynamite and the Nobel Prizes. The creation of dynamite was around the year 1866/7. The bit "Sono Otoko, kyoubou ni tsuki" is a relation to Beat Takeshi's first film. Van Helsing is indeed a reference to the monster hunter lol If I can, I'll fix it tomorrow, my brain has completely died XD

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[Lyrics] NEWS - Chankapana

"Chankapana" is NEWS' 14th single, and the first to feature the 4 member line up and the first single in 20 months. Tegoshi has explained before that the title of the song is a combination of the "-chan" honorific, which is usually attached to the end of girls' names, and the "kapana" bit means "beloved". Thus "My Beloved Girl". Man~ these lyrics, but otherwise it's super catchy.
Wow, it's been a while since I've done one of these :O Changes will be made accordingly when the official lyrics are out :D Oh yeahhh :D

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